Family Camp

Single parent families often don't get to take family vacations. At Family Camp each family gets their own tent and in the three days of relaxation are given ample time to reconnect with one another, God and new friends.

Because single parent's cars are often not mechanically sound, and the funds for gas are missing, One Step charters a bus to bring 50 campers to Buena Vista. The rest of the campers ride up with boat drivers or in the food prep RV.

It's a dream come true for our executive director. Single parent children do not get to see the loving interactions of a Christ-centered marriage and oftentimes what they do see is far from healthy relationships. Family Camp is led by Christ-centered intact families just for that reason.

Through water fun activities and sound spiritual teaching, families are drawn into a relationship with God and others. By seeing and hearing how these leaders interact with one another and others, single parents and their kids can see and learn good relationship practices.

The average cost is about $100-225 for each camper for a weekend full of fun, food and friends! Annual cost for Family Camp is $10,000.