The Ultimate Journey

If Christ came to set us free, why are so many people still in bondage?

Even after receiving Christ, most people still believe the negative voices of their past rather than what God says about them. Through The Ultimate Journey you will be able to exchange the lies for the truth so you can see yourself as God sees you. As a result, you will experience wholeness and walk in true freedom that will transform your life.

Phase 1 Turbo - Coming July 5-7, 2024

Unpacking Self-Deception

This is a full weekend where you will experience a safe, confidential setting where you’ll be free to share and explore your personal history. This takes place in a small group of one facilitator and up to four other participants. You will have the opportunity to accept your reality, receive healing for hurts and wounds, uncover the lies you've believed, and move beyond the circumstances of life that have kept you stuck. As you do this, you will be set free to boldly become the person God created you to be and chart a new course for the rest of your life.

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Phase 2 - Summer Study

Abandoning Self-Reliance

(Must have completed Phase 1)

During Phase 2 you will come to trust God with your life because you will know him for who he really is rather than how the world shaped your understanding of him. As you live out this intimate, bonded relationship with your Creator, you will learn to draw everything you need from him. True rest, peace, joy, and fulfillment really are attainable in and through him.

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Phase 3

Embracing Self-Surrender

Experience the blessings of a life surrendered to Christ as you learn what it means to abide in him. You will be equipped to renew your mind so that it comes into alignment with God's truth. You will see how God's law of sowing and reaping applies to you and how you can garden your life with Christ toward ever-increasing maturity and fruitfulness. As a result, you will possess your new Christ-In-Me identity that will enable you to become the person God created you to be, as you allow Christ to live his life through you in relationship with others.

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