Material Donations

When single parent families move out of Our House into their own place they often have no housewares, linens or furniture. We help families by furnishing their house, equipping their kitchens, providing appliances, linens and so much more with the donations given to One Step. When transitional house residents find permanent housing we are able to bless them by meeting many of their household needs with the help of your donations.

In addition, material donations are used to ease the burden of single parent families. They can sign up for the items they need and if we don't have them we contact them when the items are donated. We don't have a large storage area so sometimes furniture and other items are taken to auction to raise money for One Step programs.

Delivering the donations often involves renting a trailer/truck and either finding volunteers or hiring workers. You could volunteer to help pick up/drop off donations, arrange items for sale at the auction or if you have a truck simply drive and save us the cost of renting a truck or trailer.