Girls and Boys Events

A team of men and women from TerraNova Church have joined One Step in creating events for boys and girls of single parents as part of a mentoring program. If you have, or know of a single parent child age 7 - 17 who is in need of a positive male/female influence in their life, this is a great opportunity to provide a role model for them to model who and whose they are.

Rancho Los Lomas Wildlife
Cost: Free!
Date: October 20
Time: 8:30 - 1:00
Where: Meet at TerraNova Church
Who: Children Ages 7-17

Tour Rancho Las Lomas, an open-air museum that lives, breathes, squawks and growls. Their dedication is to educate and inspire the community about the wonders of the natural world while helping all realize every creature of this planet deserves the right to live with compassion and respect.

Our hope is that this collection of exotic creatures will touch your child's heart and they will connect with mentors and peers over lunch and throughout the tour.

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Free Summer Tutoring

(No Tutoring September 12-September 27)

Mathematics, English, Science, Reading - you name it - Tutor Doctors will help keep your child's mind sharp this summer with free mentoring! Book a 30-minute session on Thursday from 1:00 - 3:00 or Saturday 3:00 - 5:00 at TerraNova Church

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